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The Equipment Needed
To Get The Job Done

Over the years, SJ Transportation Co., Inc. has developed a thorough, methodical approach to the business of transporting hazardous/ industrial waste and bulk products.

SJ offers a comprehensive range of diversified equipment and management, safely transporting materials throughout the continental United States and Ontario and Quebec, Canada.

A fully dedicated fleet of diverse drivers, trucks, pumps and trailers allows us to deliver the right equipment to get the job done.

Competitive pricing, outstanding customer service, and our top-notch safety record ensures that each customer and load receives the attention and expertise they deserve.

From single source bulk and van transportation, to rail-truck transfer operations with fixed bulk storage capabilities, to hassle-free import/export logistic services (including Canada), SJ Transportation wants to move your product the SJ way...

...On Time, with a Commitment to Safety, and a Customer Satisfaction record that is unparalleled...