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Charity Thank You Letters

A Sincere Thank You From The Cystic Fribrosis Foundation

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Thank You From Salem County Humane Society

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Appreciation From Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy

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A Big Thank You From Emmaus

“We rejoice to tell you that yesterday we were all first-hand witnesses to a chair miracle!! We have no idea how the graciously donated chairs that were still sitting in New Jersey on August 5th without a penny to move them any closer are FILLING OUR CLASSROOMS this morning, but we are celebrating His provision today!!

Months ago, Seeds of Greatness Bible Church put in stadium seating…and generously gave all their 300 linking pew chairs to Emmaus! On August 5th, the chairs were ready to get moving, but we had no wheels, no plans, no funds. A faithful donor gave right away and got them on the road, the fantastic SJ Trucking Co made them a priority, more gifts from several more donors got them on a boat, the boat got them to Haiti WAY faster than predicted, and a stellar, patient Emmaus staff member sat in the customs office in Cap-Haitian for two long days and rode them onto the campus yesterday evening. A whole lot of happy students and staff got them off the container and into the chapel, library and classrooms, and this morning, these miracle chairs—by the grace of God at work through many—are back to absorbing the Word…but this time in Haitian Creole. There were also several fans and several crates of books (thank you Houghton College!) on the container!

We never could have imagined as we shared this major and immediate need on August 8 that the chairs would have students IN THEM on August 29th.


The men and women of Emmaus are praying for a lot of things this morning. The body of Christ, around the globe, is lifting many burdens to our Father today.

What a beautiful reminder, every time we sit, that He is at work doing things we never could have imagined in ways we never could have imagined…and often times, though each other!

THANK YOU to the many who gave, who loaded, who moved, who unloaded, who helped and who prayed!!!”

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Kathleen D. Riley Scholarship Foundation

Kathleen D Riley Scholarship Foundation - Charity Thank You Letters

Twp of Washington - Veteran's Affiars Advisory Board

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Hough Petroleum

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Hurricane Harvey Relief

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We at SJ Transportation are happy and humbled to have been thanked with this beautiful token after providing assistance after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. It was our privilege to help our friends at Arkema and Sartomer, and the Crosby / Beaumont areas of Texas. We send our continued best wishes to them as they are still recovering from the hurricane.

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Friends Helping Friends

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Maritime Acadamy

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Boy Scouts Troop 60

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Everett Marshall Charities

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Mary S. Shoemaker Elementary School

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The Farmyard Education Foundation

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Woodstown Pilesgrove School Foundation Inc.

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Main Line Meals on Wheels, Inc.

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Everett Marshall Charities


DAV Charitable Service Trust


The Transplant Foundation


Philadelphia PowerPlay


Farmyard Education Foundation


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation #1


Cystic Fibrosis Foundation #2

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Cystic Fibrosis Foundation #3


Boys & Girls Clubs of Gloucester County

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Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy / Rae Kushner Yeshiva High School


Park East Day School

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Gloucester County Employee Donation


Park East Day School


Everett Marshall Charities


Safety Kleens World Finals Foundation


Stay Focused Foundation


Delaware Solid Waste Scholarship Fund


Smicks Lumber Citizen's Award