Our drivers work hard and put on a lot of miles, but look at the sights they get to see! We thank all our drivers for sharing these great pics with us!


This week’s winner

Tony Stratton

This week’s winner of the Driver Photo Contest is Tony Stratton!

Past winners

Alejandro Sanchez

Rob Barnes

Alejandro Sanchez

Rob Durham

This week’s winner of the Driver Photo Contest is Alejandro!

Andrew Brandley

Jones Damascceno

Nealan Rouisse

Tony Stratton – RISE up to be the best


Ed Cooke took this in Vickery, Ohio about 5 minutes after tornadoes rolled through the area!

Evan Sommers took this photo in Ohio with his trainee Alejandro Sanchez

Frank Roman with his new truck and single drop


This week’s winner of the Driver Photo Contest is Ed Schrecengost!

Alejandro Sanchez

Ed Cooke – He re-shot this photo that he had originally taken in February out in Greenville, TN!

Jones Damascceno!

Ed Cooke – This picture was taken on the Idaho Red Run!

Tony Stratton: He took this photo in front of a church in Troy, IN!

Alejandro Sanchez – Featuring the Gateway Arch from the Illinois side of the Mississippi River!


Matt Powell took this week’s winning photo in Utah.


Mike Bergstrom took this photo at the Cumberland Plateau.

Nealan Rouisse took this photo on I-90W in NY

Frank Roman in New York City

Mark Maxwell – taken in Pennsylvania

Devlin DiLauro – taken on I-80 in Pennsylvania

Ed Cooke – taken in Greenville, Tennessee

Nealan Rouisse – taken in Connecticut