Our drivers work hard and put on a lot of miles, but look at the sights they get to see! We thank all our drivers for sharing these great pics with us!


This week’s winner

Alejandro Sanchez – Featuring the Gateway Arch from the Illinois side of the Mississippi River!

Past winners

Tony Stratton – RISE up to be the best


Ed Cooke took this in Vickery, Ohio about 5 minutes after tornadoes rolled through the area!

Evan Sommers took this photo in Ohio with his trainee Alejandro Sanchez

Frank Roman with his new truck and single drop

Nealan Rouisse – taken in Connecticut

Ed Cooke – taken in Greenville, Tennessee


Matt Powell took this week’s winning photo in Utah.


Mike Bergstrom took this photo at the Cumberland Plateau.

Nealan Rouisse took this photo on I-90W in NY

Frank Roman in New York City

Mark Maxwell – taken in Pennsylvania

Devlin DiLauro – taken on I-80 in Pennsylvania