Sepia colored collage of trucking and transportation images


Our drivers work hard and put on a lot of miles, but look at the sights they get to see! We thank all our drivers for sharing these great pics with us!


This week’s winner

Photo by of truck by trees with cloudy sky

This week’s winner of the Driver Photo Contest is Tommy Bogle with this photo in front of some apple blossom trees in Kentucky!

Past winners

Photo of truck with valley in distance

Tony Stratton with this photo in Stone Mountain, NC!

Joe Stroup's Truck with skyscrapers in background

Joe Stroup with this photo in Downtown Manhattan!

Photo by Ed CookEd Cooke with this on-the-job photo

Real truck and toy truck photo by Andrew Brandley

Andrew Brandley

Sunset truck photo by Evan Sommers

Evan Sommers!

Morning truck photo by Ed Cooke

Ed Cooke!

Photo at SMS Railyard from Evan Sommers

Evan Sommers – He took this picture at SMS Railyard!

Truck in desert from Matt Powell

Matt Powell – With this beautiful photo from “the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma.”

Truck amondst midwestern fields by Tony Stratton

Tony Stratton – With this photo from Charleston, IL!

Two SJ trucks at truck stop in Maryland. Photo by Joe Stroup

Joe Stroup – With this truck-stop photo from Greenville,MD!

Truck with backdrop of autumn trees from Evan Sommers

Evan Sommers’ fall festive picture

Truck in front of Phillies and Citizens Bank Park stadiums in Philadelphia

Jones Damascceno

Truck with USS United States in background

Andrew Bradley

Truck at truck yard with magenta and yellow sunset

Jones Damascceno

Truck with bright blue sky and field with yellow cropsEd Jiminez

White tractor trailer against dramatic cloud skyEd Cooke

Front nose of truck photographed by Alejandro Sanchez

Alejandro Sanchez

Truck with mountain range in background and clear blue sky

Rob Barnes

Truck with rainbow arching over it

Alejandro Sanchez

Truck with early morning fog and sunshine

Rob Durham

Truck in dirt lot


Truck parked with vivid yellow sunset

Andrew Brandley

Truck driving down tree lined rural road

Jones Damascceno

Photo by Nealan Rouisse of truck with trees and flags

Nealan Rouisse

Truck with colorful mural on building in background

Tony Stratton – RISE up to be the best

Photo of truck at sunset by Mike Wood

Mike Wood with this sunrise in Virginia!

Twilight truck photo by Andrew Brandley

Andrew Brandley with this beautiful picture from East Chicago, Indiana, overlooking Lake Michigan!

Snow photo by Matt Powell

Matt Powell

Truck with palm trees by Kenny Maher

Kenny Maher – He’s bringing back summer with this palm tree picture!

White and black colored tractors in the fog from Evan Sommers

Evan Sommers – With this photo as the fog rolled through!

Row of parked SJ trucks parked with noses lined upEvan Sommers

Truck driving down country road under blue skies

Tony Stratton

Photo of white tractor trailer by Ed Schrecengost

Ed Schrecengost

Truck with blue sky, trees and mountains in background

Alejandro Sanchez

Truck with red barn and mountain behind it

Ed Cooke – He re-shot this photo that he had originally taken in February out in Greenville, TN!

Truck with dramatic cloudy sky and green rest area

Jones Damascceno!

Photo from Ed Cook with mountains in the background

Ed Cooke – This picture was taken on the Idaho Red Run!

Truck with blue sky and double steepled building in background

Tony Stratton: He took this photo in front of a church in Troy, IN!

Truck parked in gravel lot with puffy clouds in sky

Alejandro Sanchez – Featuring the Gateway Arch from the Illinois side of the Mississippi River!

 Truck in large ope area withmountains in background and heavy cloud cover

Matt Powell took this week’s winning photo in Utah.

 Truck parked with steep rock cropping and trees behind it

Mike Bergstrom took this photo at the Cumberland Plateau.

Truck parked in lot with winter trees and blue sky

Nealan Rouisse took this photo on I-90W in NY

Truck in city with skyscrapers behind it

Frank Roman in New York City

Night scene of nose of truck with rear view mirror in focus

Mark Maxwell – taken in Pennsylvania

White truck with snow and bright overcast sky

Devlin DiLauro – taken on I-80 in Pennsylvania

Truck with snow covered mountain and red barn in background

Ed Cooke – taken in Greenville, Tennessee

Truck on road surrounded by evergreen trees

Nealan Rouisse – taken in Connecticut

Tractor in parking lot against cloudy sky

Frank Roman with his new truck and single drop

Truck parked with air power windmill behind it

Evan Sommers took this photo in Ohio with his trainee Alejandro Sanchez

 Truck with dramatic clouds and a yellow sky

Ed Cooke took this in Vickery, Ohio about 5 minutes after tornadoes rolled through the area!

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