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Group standing with donated goods for Hurricane Harvey relief

To Our Community and Business Partners,

SJ Transportation would like to take this time to sincerely thank you for your donations, time and support in the Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort.  As you know we started this campaign with the intent on sending 1 or 2 van trailers to Texas.  Never did we think that we would receive such an outpouring of support.

Healing and rebuilding starts with a tiny spark … a glimmer of hope, a kind hand, generosity of others and community participation.  Thanks to your kindness and generosity over the last 3 weeks SJ Transportation along with our community and business partners filled 5 – 53ft. van trailers of food and supplies.

  • On 9/3/17 4200 gallons of water and supplies were sent to Beaumont, TX.
  • On 9/9/17 a 53ft van trailer with food and supplies were sent to Crosby, TX.
  • On 9/9/17 a 53ft van trailer with food and supplies were sent to Beaumont, TX and distributed to the Red Cross, first responders and the Beaumont Community.
  • On 9/12/17 a 53ft van trailer of supplies to Beaumont, TX and Woodlands Church in Woodlands, TX.
  • On 9/14/17 a 53ft van trailer of food and supplies to Crosby Church in Crosby, TX.

This showing of community to help other communities over 1,000 miles away has already created miracle recoveries for families affected by Hurricane Harvey.  A woman who grew up in Woodstown, NJ, who now lives in Texas and lost everything in the Hurricane saw pictures on Facebook of her childhood friend loading trailers of supplies that were destined to help her and her family.  In her own words – the BEST MEDICINE IS A WARM SOUL and the HUMAN SPIRIT IS TRULY REMARKABLE.  We could not have done this without all of you. We sincerely appreciate your kindness and generosity. 

With gratitude,
SJ Transportation Team

Scouts helped with Hurricane Harvey relief

Three men inside truck during Hurricane Harvey relief