SJ Transportation Company, Inc.

Providing superior transportation services.

Since 1971, SJ Transportation Co., Inc. has developed a thorough, methodical approach to the business of transporting hazardous/ industrial waste and hazmat products.  Our company offers a comprehensive range of diversified equipment and management, safely transporting materials throughout the continental United States and Ontario and Quebec, Canada. We have a fully dedicated fleet of diverse drivers, trucks, pumps and trailers allows us to deliver the right equipment to get the job done.

Competitive pricing, outstanding customer service, and our top-notch safety record ensures that each customer and load receives the attention and expertise they deserve.

Logistic Services

From single source bulk and van transportation, to rail-truck transfer operations, to hassle-free import/export logistic services (including Canada), SJ Transportation wants to move your product…

…on Time, with a Commitment to Safety, and a Customer Satisfaction Record that is Unparalleled…

Things we’re committed to:


Driving for Clean Air

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Environment

Delivering outstanding transportation solutions at the right time every time includes our commitment to Sustainability. As a responsible corporate citizen, SJ Transportation recognizes the importance of protecting our natural resources and we strive to protect the environment in our terminal operations and our fleet through conservation and innovation.

In our terminal and vehicle maintenance operations SJ continually looks for environmentally friendly products and practices including, recycling, reuse and reduction of waste. Innovation and integrity are Core Values that each employee applies to our Sustainability Commitment.

In our Fleet Operations we continually attempt to increase MPG and reduce the amount of diesel emissions. SJ is continually upgrading our fleet to include the newest and best engine technology in an effort to run as clean as possible. The introduction of Diesel Exhaust Fluid into our engines is one example of technology that protects our air by reducing the emission of Nitrogen Oxides. Additionally, through the use of dispatch technology we monitor idle time, miles per gallon and miles run in an effort to maximize fuel usage and reduce overall emissions.

Smart Solutions To Handling Hazardous Materials

SJ Transportation has been providing safe reliable transportation solutions for dangerous goods and hazardous waste for over 40 years. Throughout that time we have gained industry leading expertise and have assembled a team of hazardous materials professionals that can ensure your dangerous cargo is picked-up and delivered to its final destination using the best available equipment in a safe efficient manner.

Our commitment to environmental protection and our extensive experience and knowledge positions us to be the industry leader for safe efficient transportation of dangerous cargo. Supply Chain Professionals recognize the inherent dangers in highway transportation of hazardous waste and dangerous goods. From our stringent driver hiring requirements, extensive training program and our best in class equipment to our technology and processes, SJ Transportation is the carrier of choice for Supply Chain Professionals that insist on the safe movement of their dangerous cargo.


Old-School Meets Hi-Tech

SJ Transportation has and offers to customers advanced technological systems and functionality for a wide range of logistical operations. Our system infrastructure includes TMW Suite, Transman Shop /Maintenance Software, Qualcomm MCP50 Mobile Communication System, PC*Miler, Microsoft SQL Server and Our technological systems provide detailed load management resources, carrier management, real-time driver/driving management, automatic billing, asset management and preventative maintenance management for all equipment.

Load Management

From the moment a load is tendered, SJ Transportation has the capability to track every movement of the scheduled shipment in real time. All shipments are reviewed by status for shipment alerts with detailed information accessible from the load board. Performance is monitored constantly with real-time alerts generated for loads at the risk of being late. Details on current location and driving time can be viewed with a single click. Customers also have the ability to track their own shipments by fleet, details per tractor, delivery locations, etc.

Automated Billing

With SJ Transportation’s one of a kind software platform billing can be automated. Flexible tariffs can be created based on any information within the system. This automation reduces billing mistakes by applying the tariffs to completed loads. Invoices can be reviewed and released individually, by batch or by workflow. Supplemental invoices can be created for additional charges, resulting in faster billing that can transmit invoices via paper, email or EDI on a per customer basis.

Asset Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is completely automated with electronically scheduling units to optimize performance. Repair history is tracked in detail, over the road and in-house. Mechanic performance is analyzed for estimated repair time and up to date reports are generated for total cost of ownership, vehicle condition, status and more.


Safety Policy

SJ Transportation Co., Inc. has established a corporate Safety Policy that emphasizes our commitment to the safety of our employees, drivers, customers and general public. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe, healthy, and injury-free work environment. SJ Transportation recognizes local, state and federal regulations as the minimum standards of our safety program.

SJ Transportation views our employees and customers as our most valued assets and their safety and health is our first priority. Senior management is responsible for implementing the core elements of the Safety Policy, however all managers, supervisors, employees and drivers have an individual responsibility to carry out and enforce the Safety Policy.

Each department within SJ Transportation participates in a safety and performance incentive program. These programs enforce our dedication to individual accountability under the Safety Policy. In addition it supports the culture of a team mentality rather than the “I don’t care / it doesn’t affect me” attitude. SJ Transportation believes that safety is not just something you have to deal with, but rather an integral part of our corporate social responsibility.


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Mission Statement

Relentless pursuit to be the safest most respected transportation provider in North America and Canada, delivering quality service and solutions that exceed our customers’ and employees’ expectations.

Our Core Values

To be supportive of each others efforts, loyal to one another, promote unity and efficiency as a group and care for each other both professionally and personally.

To envelop change, see obstacles as an opportunity and use our unique talents to solve problems by looking at challenges in a different light.

To stand by our promises – to conduct ourselves in a manner which promotes honesty, directness, sincerity, respect and loyalty.

endeavor to provide a superior level of service and embrace the needs of our customers.

To strive for greatness in everything we do by dreaming more than others think is practical and expecting more than others think is possible.

Brand Promise
Delivering outstanding transportation solutions at the right time every time.