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Port of Philadelphia

I began working with SJ Transportation in the middle of 2018; I have known their partners at SMS Rail for 17 years.  SJ Transportation provides storage, distribution, trans-loading and trucking for ISO-tanks (specialized liquid bulk containers) and dry ocean containers.  Equally important, SJ Transportation offers maintenance, cleaning and repair for ISO-tanks, containers, and chassis.  These services are hard to find and difficult to master, and SJ Transportation performs them at the very highest levels of safety and professionalism.  Last year they received and shipped over 200 ISO-tanks, and are projected to ship over 500 this year, via The Port of Philadelphia. They are also doing more and more flexi-tanks and dry containers via our Port.  I am proud to direct my customers to Kevin Elder and his colleagues at SJ Transportation.  SJ Transportation, SMS Rail and The Port of Philadelphia provide a seamless connection for your ISO-tank and container supply chain.

Dominic O’Brien at the Phila Port

Philadelphia Energy Solutions

Philadelphia Energy Solutions


We just had Mike transport 50,000 gals of condensate from one end of the refinery into some portable tanks at the other end. The man is truly a professional.

He follows all the safety rules and gets the job done in timely manner.

Thank you and hold on to him. He’s very good.

Michael Kendra (Mike)
Philadelphia Energy Solutions

MPT replacement Project

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Just a little note to recognize one of your employees—Bill Fisher was here representing your company as the pump truck operator.  Bill helped out tremendously with anything to do with the oil pumping process. We did have other pump operators here who performed just as diligently. We pumped out 3 transformers with spilling hardly a drop. He was ambitious about controlling the hose connections and valve manipulations to maintain cleanliness. As you know we here at Salem are very serious about protecting the environment and Bill shared that same enthusiasm. He should be recognized as a great employee and is welcome back anytime.

Ken Dougherty
Task Manager/Field Coordinator
MPT replacement Project
Salem/Hope Creek Gen. Sta.

Bruce Peck "attaboy"

Ed, check this out from Bruce Peck. He was told this was a new customer so he wrote us a SOP. He actually drove up over the weekend in his personal car.  We will put him in for an atta boy.

This is really good stuff and he went the extra mile.

Kevin R Elder

Click here to see how Bruce Peck went the extra mile… literally!

Safety-Kleen thank you to Chris

safety kleen

Kevin, John:
Good afternoon. I wanted to let you know that your drivers have been speaking very highly of Chris. They all seem to like him being in dispatch. When you get more than one SJ driver here at a time, they start gabbing…hahahaha! And instead of them going on and on about what they don’t like and how unhappy they are, they have been chatting about how much easier their runs and days have been since Chris got there.
And from my standpoint, he’s been a gem to work with. Does everything he can to get the trucks here as early as possible, reply’s to all inquiries I send and gets things done quickly. Just wanted you to know that you seem to have hit the jackpot with that hire. 🙂
Thank you,
Liz Page | Office Coordinator
A Clean Harbors Company

Merck Sharp & Dohme Praise

Mike Bergstrom came in to transport our RAD load this week. I want to thanks SJ for having such a trained driver. He checked all of his paperwork and found he was missing one important document. Mike also knew what placards to use.

This is the reason I keep coming back to your Company. Keep up the Great Work with your drivers.

Thank You,
Bob Taylor
Merck Sharp & Dohme, Manager of SWM

Don Hartje - Ecology Services

Good afternoon.

I received a call from Don Hartje with Ecology Services.

Dave Wilson is our driver on his load and Don called to say the Dave is “the best” driver he has dealt with in a
very long time. Don stated he knew everything about the material and paperwork went above and beyond while
on site.

Don said he will follow this up with an email when he can.

Please give Dave Wilson an ATTABOY.

Arkema Inc, Sartomer BU


I can’t say enough good things about Roger!  He is almost always right on time, is well respected by all and always willing to work with us as we take material out of different tanks. 

Just wanted to recognize him for all his efforts.

George Lockhart
Warehouse Manager
Arkema Inc, Sartomer BU
610 South Bolmar Street
West Chester, PA 18382

Sartomer Arkema

Epic on behalf of Kevin


I just wanted to shoot you a note to compliment the driver that we had transporting loads from Waverly to PVSC. Joe was both courteous and professional as well as helpful with getting us samples of the material. I hope that we have many more opportunities to work together with both Joe and SJ Transportation.

I’m sure we will talk again soon,

Elliot Pomeranz
Area Sales Manager, Epic
227 Route 206 Building 1, 2nd Floor
Flanders, NJ 07836


DuPontSubject: RE: Thank you for your support and Business

Thanks for the Holiday wishes. With any luck I will soon be going out on retirement. I have found it a pleasure to know you over the years. You have always gone well above any other company I have worked with and pulled my butt out of more than one jam. Although I never said it enough I just want to thank you for everything you have helped me with over the years. I will retire with 48+ years and I have worked with SJ through most of it and they have never let me down.
I really appreciate everything you and your company has done for me. You are first class!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,
Steve J. Owens

Howard Wilson attaboy

Please give Howard Wilson an “atta boy” bonus for his performance on this load from Intel in Hudson, MA to Roseville, MN. It was the first load we have done on this lane and Howard made a very positive impression on our customer.

Safety-Kleen thank you to Kevin & John

safety kleen

Kevin, John:

Thank you both for helping me out yesterday on Alumaz. Delivered and approved by customer and we didn’t shut them down. I know other people may not realize what a great transportation company you run, but I do.

Andrea Martone, Facility Manager


Con Edison for John

July 30, 2012

John Lightfoot:

I would like to thank S&J for the great support given to us during this month. But most of all I would like to thank John (the driver) for his support. This outstanding employee showed us what a reliable company you are. He demonstrated by showing us the safety of transporting these units in a safe manner, with no accidents. Again thanks John for your help.

Joseph Carrazana
Con Edison Inc.

Alicia Hiltebrand, Veolia - Fredricksburg, VA

Thank you for Kiewit Lusby MD Project

Merck for Ike McDowell

Thank you letter from Merck in December 2017

Bruce Peck for John and Joe

Thank you from Heritage Crystal Clean

Ike McDowell Attaboy Bonus

Driver appreciation letter from Merck

Global Foundries for Joe Riley

Global Foundries driver appreciation letter

Sierra Chemical Praising Claude

Sierra Chemical Company driver appreciation letter

Rowan University

Rowan University thank you letter from October 2012

Waste Recovery for Byron Haney

Waste Recovery Solutions driver appreciation letter

Veolia Environmental Services Praise

Veolia Environmental Services appreciation letter

Safety Kleen for Tom

Safety Kleen appreciation letter for driver

DuPont for Barry & Mike

DuPont appreciation letter for two drivers

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