SJ Transportation Co., Inc. has an in-house maintenance program that fully complies with all Department of Transportation requirements. A computerized history of parts and service is kept for each piece of equipment. This allows mechanics, managers and customers quick access to our maintenance records.

Lightweight Equipment “Drop Decks” For Dedicated Service

Fiberglass Tanks

5,500 Gallon Fiber Glass Comptank. Used to transport exotic acids with vacuum pressure capability.

 Aluminum Straight Bore Tank

6,300 gallon Aluminum Straight Bore tank with vacuum pressure capability.

48 Foot Van Trailers

102- inch Van Trailers with lift gates, e-channel, & secondary containment.

Roll Off Boxes

These Roll Off containers are 20 & 30 cubic yard with a custom-designed top closure. The unique tarpless, self-closing top was designed for ease of use by the customer.

Dump Trailers

Dump trailers with 50 yard capacity.

Dry Bulk

Stainless Steel Straight Bore Tanks

6,000 gallon MC 412 Stainless Steel Straightbore tank with Vacuum pressure Capability.

Roll Off Trailers

All Roll Off containers are water tight and come with Tarps & bows. Roll Off Containers include 20 & 30 cubic yard open top containers, 20 & 30 cubic yard close top containers, & 20 cubic yard vacuum containers.

53 Foot Van Trailers

102-inch Van Trailers.with translucent ceilings.

Covered Wagon

Roll-Off De-Watering Boxes

Stainless Steel Conical Tank

6,000 gallon MC 412 Stainless Steel Conical tank with vacuum pressure capability.

Roll Off Truck

Tri-axle straight Roll Off truck accommodating a wide range of Roll Off containers. Excellent for use in limited space areas.

28 Foot Trailers

Van Trailers with lift gates, e channel & secondary containment. Great for city pick ups!


Various types of Flatbeds, Single drops, & double drops,Secondary containment available upon request Capability to transport ISO & Sea containers.

ISO Chassis

Double Box Roll Off Trailer